Even When We Run…

Looking at the story of Jonah we see how God had ordered the steps of Jonah. When it came time to make those footsteps a reality Jonah ran the other direction. Jonah ran away from God! How many times have we found that we get to a certain point with God  and we can’t seem to take the next step. Sometimes that next step to full obedience of being sold out to Him seems like an impossiblity. So in our rebellion, we become like Jonah and get out of Dodge (or in Jonah’s case, Ninevah). 
Even in his running, God still  looked out for  Jonah. He continued to provide for Jonah’s safety. His hand was still upon him.Here was Jonah in full blown rebellion and God still cared for him. The greatest news of all is that Jonah finally submitted to the will of God. Our most loving and caring Father returns Jonah right back to where he left Him.
How exciting it is to know that even when we blatantly disobey, He cares enough to return us where we left Him!
God’s Word is true…”He will never leave us or forsake us.”
Obedience in the Journey

God’s Choice